International Children's Photo Exhibition

“L’esprit de l’escalier”

“Theatre” was the theme chosen for the REACHING OUT THROUGH SKYPE (ROTS 2015) event. Meeting through the virtual medium the participating schools shared their views about the importance theatre to their eager to learn personalities, some presented a show in full colour of their traditions… but all of them made sure to know and to sing one song of the language of their partner country – four of them!.

There is no theatre without an emotion, thus the students from 6 schools in 6 different countries, aged from 6 to 18) are invited to go through the experience of searching an EMOTION in a daily life and “catching” it with their lens. Once the photo is there, they will either explain their photo in several sentences or stick an emoticon to it. Together we will examine the power of the imaginative language, the photo in relation to todays’ emoticons.

By the end of January all photos will be uploaded here. A selection of 35 photos will tour as a joint exhibition in the six participating countries - Belgium, Lithuania, Georgia, Hungary, Slovenia and The Netherlands.

Participating countries 2014:
Belgium, Georgia, Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania, The Netherlands

Participating schools:

Crazy like yourself

Enthusiasm 2


Happy in Svaneti



Razpoloženje (Mood)

Kíváncsi - Curious

Leap of freedom

Sometimes life is too heavy and you need a moment of rest.




“And misery loves company”

Zaskrbljenost (Worry)

Sam (Alone)

the playground

the playground

Overwhelmed with a book



Falling asleep

Child on the clouds

Worried about something

Prijatelja (Friends)

Back to school

❤️ Nephew


Zamišljena (Deep in thought)



Sreča (Happiness)



Joyful school trip

Barátság - Friendship

Happiness in the Rain

Joy-Thank God It's Friday

playing !

playing !

wachten op ... (waiting for...)

wachten op .... (waiting for....)