Vriendschap - φιλία - Draugystė – Friendship (2015)

"While drawing, a child observes the world…"

"Friendship" was the theme chosen for the REACHING OUT THROUGH SKYPE event. Meeting through the virtual medium, the participating children sang songs in each other's language and spoke about their homes.

Afterwards the children were invited to share their views about friendship in colours and images. The teachers exercised restraint while trying to stimulate their pupils to express their own thoughts without disrupting their creativity and confidence.

An important goal of the project was to expose the children to other cultures and languages, as learning languages implies more than just rendering words into a different code. A culturally sensitive touch, is what the organizers aimed to foster.

What you see below, are those imaginative, story-telling, and above all, beautiful drawings of children, aged from 5 to 12.

The project is an initiative of Litouws Cultureel Centrum together with the European Commission in the Netherlands.

Participating countries:
Greece, Lithuania, The Netherlands

Public School Egelantier Kunstmagneet, Soest, THE NETHERLANDS
Mytikas Primary School, Mytikas, Evia, GREECE
"Kaštonas" of Akademia gymnasium, Kėdainių r. LITHUANIA
Vytauto Žemaičio progimnazija, Kaunas V. Kudirkos Public Library, Šilainiai, LITHUANIA

Our THANKS go to
Edith Gits, Ijola Petrauskiene, Danutė Deimantavičienė, Danute Rinkevičienė, Rania, Kostas Mihalos, the directors of the participating schools Dimitra Manousou, Marijke Kemp, Liudas Tauginas and Dalia Poškienė and Ilona Paškevičiūtė.