I think that tranquility is very important. You don't always have to be busy or stressed. You can make your head empty and think about the things in life that makes you happy.
This picture is made in Egypt. I was on vacation there and I felt very welcome. The people there got a real big heart and they are really kind. This was the route I walked when I went to the beach.angel

Other pictures from RSG Slingerbos | Levant school

I think this curious smiley fit’s my curious hamster perfectly, because my hamster is always curious and it always want’s to know what you are doing. His face is like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
I have chosen this picture because i like balloons and party's and on party's are most of the time balloons.
Sometimes life is too heavy and you need a moment of rest.
Van deze foto word ik erg blij want ik vind het leuk om mijn hond uit te laten