smileyI like to cycle with my family in the woods because it's quiet and we go fast . I find it nice to ride because I actually do not play sports. Later on I watched a movie and ate ice cream and that is very "gezellig". Gezellig is a Dutch word which is difficult to translate in English. The translations are nice cosy and fun.


Other pictures from RSG Slingerbos | Levant school

This song makes me always very calm if I am angry and I can concentrate very good with this song at the background.
I chose this picture because I am happy when I see the snow.
I chose this picture because I found it a nice picture and this picture shows me with my mother and my sister on the Eiffel Tower and I liked it there.  Smiley: I chose this smiley because I liked the Eiffel Tower and I had lots of fun.
I choose this picture because the horse is showing a clear emotion, he shows he is angry