smiley I have chosed this picture of Tirol. Tirol is a place in Austria where a lot of people celebrating holiday in diferent ways. Some people just relax and enjoy the snow, but some people are going to ski in the mountains.

Other pictures from RSG Slingerbos | Levant school

I choose this picture because the horse is showing a clear emotion, he shows he is angry
I have chosen this picture because he looks very strange and he makes me smile.
 I made this picture of my cat cause she is always very sad although on this picture her facial expression is actually kinda happy.
I have chosen this picture because i like balloons and party's and on party's are most of the time balloons.
Sometimes life is too heavy and you need a moment of rest.
I choose this picture of tickets from the band Kensington. I'm very happy that I have these tickets, because I think Kensington is a great band.