smileysad I have chosen the happy and sad emotion, because if I see these pictures I become very happy, but also sad at the same time. This event is very special for me , because my little brother died 10 years ago . This event occurred when I was very small, so I don't remember much of him.

Other pictures from RSG Slingerbos | Levant school

This picture shows how happy my brother and I are to see each other after beeing seperated during 10 weeks.
I have chosen this picture because i like balloons and party's and on party's are most of the time balloons.
Van deze foto word ik erg blij want ik vind het leuk om mijn hond uit te laten
This song makes me always very calm if I am angry and I can concentrate very good with this song at the background.
I chose this picture because I am happy when I see the snow.